Train Foundation: Fostering Understanding between Arabs and Israelis


When the well-known Egyptian author and satirist Ali Salem took a car trip across the Sinai desert to visit Israel and document his journey, he never anticipated the outrage that would ensue.

While his book about his travels, "My Drive to Israel," became a national best-seller, he was expelled from the country's Writers Union and subject to threats and censorship.

Today, the 72-year-old author and Civil Courage Prize winner is an outspoken advocate for peace between Israel and the Palestinians and an isolated voice for tolerance in the region.

EqualShot teamed up with Mr. Salem to further publicize his outspoken denunciation of Islamic radicalism, garnering media attention throughout the Middle East and in such respected outlets as the International Herald Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

Writes Mr. Salem, "My first trip to Israel wasn't a love trip, but a serious attempt to get rid of hate. Hatred prevents us from knowing reality as it is. It divides, and ultimately destroys, people. That is why I have argued, and will continue to argue, for tolerance and understanding between Arabs and Israelis, and a peaceful solution to our conflicts. These arguments must be heard and debated; the cycle of hatred cannot continue. I hope that more people will add their voices to the debate, and that understanding will finally prevail."