EqualShot services range from leading strategic planning sessions, to developing comprehensive communications campaigns, to producing a single, critical tool – an op-ed, an educational video or a tagline.  Above all, we know how to use communications to influence and inform, educate and motivate.


  • Collaboratively set organization's or campaign's direction

  • Identify goals and objectives

  • Formulate broad policies

  • Assess current strategies and procedures

  • Interview key stakeholders, internally and externally

  • Develop clear review and adoption procedures

  • Implement communications/education/advocacy plans

  • Continually monitor and evaluate results

Message Development & Positioning

  • Analyze the political, social and cultural climate impacting an initiative

  • Identify the most appropriate messenger(s)

  • Frame the issue

  • Build values-based messages

  • Test messages



Media Relations

  • Uncover the story - what makes it newsworthy and interesting to potential readers and/or viewers

  • Create press materials, fact sheets, expert lists

  • Determine appropriate media venues for possible news stories

  • Pitch story ideas with relevant news angles

  • Train staff for media interviews and public speaking engagements


  • Articles

  • Op-eds

  • Personal narratives

  • Educational Materials

  • Speeches

  • Ghostwriting

Organizational identity

  • Clarify mission and values statements

  • Improve identity with branding elements including logos, taglines, and introductory materials

Communications Capacity

  • Assess internal and external communications efforts and materials

  • Recommend ways to improve without interrupting flow of current work

  • Train activists on strategies for using communications to create social change

  • Recruit staff

  • Step in as communications "staff" in times of transition or when work demands exceed staff capabilities

Meeting Facilitation

  • Provide strategic guidance for planning & problem solving meetings

  • Pose challenging questions; analyze and synthesize relevant documents & materials; apply management expertise to real-world situations

  • Enhance effective communication among diverse stakeholders

  • Produce outcome reports outlining recommendations

Video Production

  • Produce, write, direct and edit:

    • Public service announcements

    • Educational videos

    • Fundraising videos

    • Accompanying educational materials or teacher handbooks