“EqualShot is as good as it gets. Barbara Becker is a consummate professional and skilled strategist with a heart to match. A one-of-a-kind communications firm, completely dedicated to the missions of the non-profits they serve.”
— Dave Isay, Founder and President, StoryCorps
“The expertise, insight, knowledge and ability of Barbara Becker and EqualShot have been transformational for our organization. Barbara has increased our vision and inspired our staff to think broader and better. We have been profoundly impacted by her work.”
— Ted Bunch, Co-Founder A CALL TO MEN
“The video on Safe Motherhood and Newborn Health was viewed twice today here in Geneva – it’s beautiful. Not a dry eye in the place. Folks are clamoring for it so they can show the heads of UNICEF, World Bank, UNFPA, WHO, UNDP and heads of countries and cabinet chiefs, etc. etc. They think it is positively riveting. So many thanks for so much hard work. It is going to formally debut at the World Health Assembly next week. Another total KUDO…”
— Jill Sheffield, Founder, Family Care International
“I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Barbara over the past 15 years. She’s an expert in quickly mastering highly complex issues — from the nuances of international law to domestic policy — and fluently translating them for multiple audiences. She’s a powerful writer, a savvy marketer, a skillful manager & mentor, and a lovely human being. I recommend her without reservation.”
— Anika Rahman, President & CEO, Ms. Foundation for Women; former President, Americans for UNFPA
“In view of Barbara’s proven media relations skills and her ability to work tactfully with activists and policy-makers alike, we have entrusted her for ten years with our annual external relations campaigns for the Civil Courage Prize. She has written and placed excellent articles in a variety of leading outlets and organized skillfully high-level meetings for our prize-winners with senior U.S. political figures, think-tanks, NGO’s and academic leaders. And every year, she gains the full cooperation and respect of our foreign awardees, human rights advocates who work under the toughest conditions worldwide. I know of no other person who can handle these strategic challenges so well. My colleagues and I are glad to endorse her outstandingly responsive work.”
— Ann Brownell Sloane, Trustee, The Train Foundation
“There is no doubt that Women’s Link Worldwide owes an enormous part of its success as an organization to EqualShot. Barbara Becker’s innovative and strategic approach to communications has shaped the way we work since our inception.
”Our first major litigation project was a constitutional challenge before Colombia’s high court, and EqualShot led us through a process that helped us to clearly define our objectives and use communications to achieve them. After that groundbreaking success, we haven’t looked back. Communications is now a component of every single project we take on. Thanks to Barbara’s methodology and training, we have now gained an in-house capacity to think strategically about communications. At the same time, we continue to count on EqualShot for ongoing support.
”Also, it is notable how Barbara’s approach has functioned wonderfully cross-culturally – we have offices in Spain and Colombia and work regionally throughout the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean. EqualShot is truly a firm without borders!”
— Viviana Waisman, Executive Director, Women’s Link Worldwide
“You have done more than you can imagine, to help me achieve peace, at a time when everything seemed to crumble around me. When I was all alone, apparently defeated, and unable to trust anyone, you showered me with such goodwill and genuine smiles that stripped away my reasons, arguments and excuses to lay low. Your personal support has a long-lasting effect.”

— Human Rights Activist and Former Political Prisoner
Sorry for sounding superlative but I think Barbara is an outstanding and exceptional teacher - one of the best I’ve had whether it was in grad, undergrad or over the past 10 years when I attended various courses and workshops. She put so much thought into designing and executing the course — care was given to the big and small things.
— Columbia University graduate student of Barbara Becker
“Barbara’s work is wonderful, and she is wonderful to work with! Barbara helped me take a 400-page book, distill it into compelling messages, and devise a plan to get those messages to the right people. Most importantly, I appreciate Barbara’s enthusiasm, warmth, and real commitment to social justice.”
— Laurie Mazur, Author, "A Pivotal Moment: Population, Justice and the Environmental Challenge"
“Twice, Barbara Becker has come to the rescue when I needed immediate, smart and effective action on a major public relations issue facing a non-profit organization. In one situation she got up to speed literally overnight regarding a major policy decision by the White House and enabled the organization I was running at the time to mobilize swiftly to get maximum exposure for our message. The other involved orchestrating the launch of a controversial ad campaign by a top-tier nonprofit on the eve of its Annual Meeting — again on very short notice.
”Barbara also knows how to draw and captivate an audience. She spoke to an overflow crowd (standing room only, plus in-the-hallway) at Fund Raising Day in New York, America’s largest one-day fundraisers’ conference, and received top ratings, two years in a row.
”Barbara has everything you could want in a communications professional — she’s intelligent, creative, articulate, strategic, efficient, diplomatic, utterly conscientious, and, as a bonus, a total delight to work with.”
— John Corwin, Principal, Corwin Consulting, LLC.
She has a very warm demeanor, and her passion for the course content is obvious and infectious. She deserves a teaching award.
— Columbia University graduate student of Barbara Becker
I gained enormously from the class, and all this time later, I continue to see the hand of marketing in the interplay of public discourse.
— Columbia University graduate student of Barbara Becker