Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation


The International HIV/AIDS Conferences are the largest international meetings on HIV, where every two years 25,000 participants representing all stakeholders in the global response to HIV meet to assess progress, renew important scientific research and identify future priorities.

When the XV Conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand, the Kaiser Family Foundation called upon EqualShot to develop a massive educational outreach strategy to establish KaiserNetwork.org as the preeminent source of news emanating from the conference.

Using both traditional and online tools, EqualShot introduced KaiserNetwork.org's news service to NGOs, colleges and universities, national and international media outlets, government departments of public health and pharmaceuticals throughout the world.

Over 5,000 organizations and individuals in 140 countries linked to, syndicated, or subscribed to the Kaiser coverage.

EqualShot's Bangkok strategy forms the basis of KaiserNetwork's outreach still in use today. The Wall Street Journal has lauded: "A prize for some of the best coverage of the International AIDS ... should go to the non-profit health-care policy organization, kaisernetwork.org."