Center for Reproductive Rights: "Silence and Complicity"


"No one had ever made me cry before, but that doctor did... All that I ask of the authorities is that they do me justice. That's all I want." -Marina Machaca, 23-year old victim of sexual abuse

The cases were startling - women who were mistreated and abused by the public health care providers in Peru. Betrayed by the very people they turned to for help, these women were left humiliated and distrustful of the medical profession.

In order to publicly reveal the widespread sexual abuse by doctors against women patients in Peru, EqualShot principal Barbara Becker co-produced a 20-minute documentary, "Silence and Complicity." Submitted as evidence in a successful case before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the video was instrumental in forcing a major overhaul of the health and judiciary systems in Peru.

The Center for Reproductive Rights won the prestigious Council on Foundations video award for using this documentary to effect social change.